Living Life In Abstract

Hello Abstract Lovers,

As we sit here pondering what to write for our first blog post it dawned on us that an introduction is necessary for moving forward.

Lifestyle to us is ENTIRELY personal. One person’s lifestyle can be DIFFERENT from another person’s definition of lifestyle in more ways than one.  How we dress differs. How we speak differs. What we like to eat differs. What music we listen differs. And the list goes on.

This blog aims to highlight these worldwide differences in lifestyle but in an unusual & ABSTRACT manner (through the various articles and posts).  A person’s lifestyle shapes who they are and it affects how they relate to others and it affects the outcome of that individual’s life.

Self-expression depends entirely on a person’s lifestyle choice and that same lifestyle choice depends on how one chooses to express them self. Through our words and imagery, we hope to share with you the many facets of the human being and the creativity and greatness that lies within each and every one of us!

We hope you enjoy what is to come and feel free to share your thoughts and perspective.

Look out for more to come as we share with you – LIFESTYLE WITH A DIFFERENCE