All New : #PinTuesdays – Rubber Band Candles

Today is Tuesday everyone, which means it’s no longer MONDAY! Cheers to that!


We’ve been on Pinterest lately and have been inspired by all the DIY projects we saw and so we’ve decided to have a weekly feature called #PinTuesdays. On #PinTuesdays, we will be sharing one of our favourite DIY projects from Pinterest.

Today’s feature comes to us via Amanda Formaro on Pinterest, who is a well known craft expert. The actual pin came from Melissa Creates ( and it is simply an amazing little project that you can do with friends or even family.


                          Step 1

                          Step 2Step 3



Isn’t it a lovely way to make use of simple materials found around the house and the best part is you can get really creative with the spray paint colours to coordinate with whatever colour scheme you have in mind. Why not give it a try and be sure to send us pics of the results!


-Abstract Square

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