#PinTuesdays – DIY Furniture Makeover – Awesome Paint Job


It isn’t a secret that many of us look around our home on a daily basis and sigh at the disaster that has become our furniture! We long for more vibrant colours in our homes and just a little more creative to keep us going.

Have no fear! This week’s pin looks at DIY Furniture Makeovers and they’re quite simple (although you just may need a helping hand or two)

Shout-out to Kathy for this awesome link to the Babble page where the article originated from. There were actually 10 paint makeovers mentioned but we chose our FAVE! And you will see why it’s a fave!

A beauty, right? This particular paint job was done by Destiny from A Place Like Us and she has blessed us with a step-by-step guide on how she got it done with her guest post on Infarrantly Creative. We have quoted below!



Various grits of sandpaper

Extra Rags


Beautiful Paint Color (Coral Gables by Benjamin Moore)

Polyurethane (Optional)

Paint Sprayer or Rollers


First take your dresser and give it a light sanding with a fine-medium grit sandpaper. You want to take any shine off or any imperfections you might see. After that wipe it down with a dry cloth or tack cloth to remove any sand.

Next, use a really good primer. This is important because you want your paint to stay put and not smear or chip away. I always use KILZ oil-based primer in a can for furniture redos. Just make sure you give it a real good shake before you spray it on, other wise when you spray you are going to get a rough texture.

Give it one good coat, two if you want to be an over achiever Smile.

After it has dried overnight or a few hours sand it again, very lightly with a fine grit sandpaper. Take your towel and give it a good wipe down to remove any debris.

For the next step I suggest you use a sprayer, because it will give you a pretty finish! But you can definitely use a sponge rollers to paint it by hand. I don’t like using brushes because of the marks. I found that sponge rollers are the next best thing if you haven’t gotten yourself a fancy sprayer.

TIP:For a pretty finish move your gun back and fourth, and follow through from edge to edge. Never stop in the middle of a piece because it might give you some drips!

At this point you can spray it with a clear coat of polyurethane for extra protection. Let it dry for a couple of day before you attach any hardware.

Thanks Destiny for this tutorial!

You can check out the rest of this article to see other cool and yummy (yes we said yummy) furniture paint jobs! Maybe you feel inspired and start your very own makeover! Please to send us pics when you do!!

P.S Be sure to go check out Destiny’s blog! She really has some good posts! Show her some love!


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