Stop for a minute & appreciate Earth’s beauty!

Stop for a minute & appreciate Earth's beauty!

The Marmora Mines (Ontario). Photo Credit via Bing


Spread the Christmas Love

Christmas is a time for family, friends, love and so much more. We must admit it’s our favourite time of the year because it is filled with so much fun and laughter and people genuinely happy.

Then you must agree with us that the video we have posted below is probably the most adorable and heart-warming video we have seen this Christmas season. Airline company, WestJet decide to surprise some airline passengers with gifts that they had asked for without much thought to actually getting it but boy were they were in for a SURPRISE!

While waiting for their bags to arrive on their carousel … what came instead was … ok ok just watch and see for yourself!

P.S. Make it your mission to make at least ONE person’s day as special as WestJet Santa did … It’ll be worth it .. We promise.