Soothing Souls One Paint Stroke At A Time – Introducing Tamarra Kirkpatrick


Hey Abstract Lovers, we have a new feature in store for you – Behind The Name

The aim of this feature is to do a sort of profile story on individuals who we think represent the true ideology of lifestyle and its many facets. Our first feature focuses on a young woman who goes by the name of Tamarra Kirkpatrick, known for her sweet soul and her love for art ( she manages to find a way to blend both to make her mark in this world). We got a chance to hear from her and find out a little about her life and passions.




Do you have any college degrees and what is it in? Yes I do it is A Bachelors of Fine Arts focused in Fine Art and minoring in Art Therapy

Where do you currently work? Currently I am volunteering at a school for children with special needs called Genesis Academy.

What is your job description? I essentially am an art teacher, I assist with anything art-related, props they need for their shows or any school activity or class activities that they need artistic help with. AKA schools art pack-mule (lol).

What are you listening to at this moment? (Can be an album or a specific artiste)  I’ve been listening to the Lorde album, Mac Millers Blue Slide Park album and these remixes by RAC..

Name a song or songs that you think sums up your entire life. Uhmmmm ha that’s difficult but Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray is my favourite right now, the chorus sums up my love life… sorta not really ha.

Name the one city/country you could see yourself spending the rest of your life? And why? I don’t want to leave this tropical weather but maybe.. Australia, because I dunno it seems interesting, stalking pictures of tumblr and websites of photos taken there they seem to have an interesting night life.. I mean minus all the poisonous animals that would be amazing.

If you could list three principles that you live by what would they be? Why those three? Don’t stress the small things.. or the big ones. Love yourself at all points of your life, believe in yourself like Kanye believes in himself. And have as much fun as you can, when you can, life is too short to spend it in tears. OH! And do what you love, and make money at it.

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Where do you see yourself going career wise? I’d love to be an art teacher, make a name for myself as an artist and hopefully one day opening up a space for contemporary artists work.

If you weren’t in the career field that you are in now, what would be your next pick? Culinary.. most definitely culinary. Baking is something I think I would like to take on as a full time job one day.

Who/ what inspires you? My inspirations never come form one specific places, it could be things I see while I’m out during the day or something I see online, an image that I can’t wait to draw up and use paint to depict how I see it. Music is a big inspiration too, it helps drive you through a piece of art.

What is your ultimate dream that you wish to accomplish? To leave a mark on peoples minds. To have helped them in a positive way and bettered both of us through the interaction. And I just to do something I love till I die.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Miss Tamarra Kirkpatrick.

Look out for even more great profiles!


-Abstract Square