NEW MUSIC : Sia – Chandelier

Songbird, Sia has released her first single ‘Chandelier’ ; the first single the Australian singer has released in over four years. A lot of persons are saying she sounds like Rihanna and she even said she thought of her when she was writing it.

This is true to some extent but we think she sounds absolutely beautiful. Such a freeing song! Take a listen!

This one’s Abstract Approved.


Photo Inspiration – COME ALIVE!!


20140309-114036 am.jpg

Chanel’s Grocery Shop – Top 16 Bags Of The A/W 2014 Show


The Chanel catwalk yesterday looked like a huge grocery store – designer Karl Lagerfeld underlines the limited life a collection has, just like the food we find on shelves, so, he went parading his Fall/Winter 2014 collection down the supermarket aisles.The attention to details when styling the show was very important – shelves were stacked with everything from washing powder to chainsaws and baskets with groceries, all Chanel signed of course. The baskets for products, made of Chanel’s characteristic chain with leather, explained most clearly the theme of the collection presented at the Grand Palais. Before you the top sixteen bags from the show, from the classic Chanel model and its variations – successful Le Boy – to brand new models. Chanel Handbags from A/W 2014.15 Show Chanel Handbags from A/W 2014.15 Show Chanel Handbags from A/W 2014.15 Show Chanel Handbags from A/W 2014.15 Show Chanel Handbags from A/W 2014.15 Show Chanel Handbags…

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#PinTuesday – Grand Cypress Two (Photography)

Today we were feeling a little inspirational and decided why not give our readers something beautiful to look at. Photography is dear to our hearts and whenever possible we give props where props are due and it the belief of Abstract Square that we must support our fellow artists (whether it be music, design, arts, etc)

We came upon a photo, thanks to Pinterest (hence the #PinTuesday tag lol) and WE HAD TO SHARE!


Shout-out to Kyle May who is responsible for capturing such amazing detail! Check out his Flickr profile to see more of his work!

Photo Credit: Kyle May


5 Music Albums We’re Pumped For This Year

Abstract LookOut

Music is very dear to us and we are in no way genre prejudice, although pop and hip hop are ultimate faves! So we decided to come up with a list for everyone for Abstract Lookout!

Here are 5 albums that we personally are looking forward to hearing this year!

1. Full Frequency by Sean Paul (February 18)

This is is sixth-studio album from Sean Paul and although he is Jamaican, he has managed to add a few top contenders in the hip-hop world (namely Juicy J, 2Chainz & Nicki Minaj) but has still managed to keep his the dancehall in the mix. Previously scheduled to be released in Novemeber of 2013, Sean Paul has released a few singles – Other Side of Love, Entertainment” which features 2Chainz & Juicy J as well as the remix featuring Nicki Minaj, Turn It Up & Want Dem All !

Oh, What A Life

Oh, What A Life


2. Oh, What A Life by American Authors (March 4)

This will be American Author’s debut album, having already released their singles Believer & Best Day Of My Life (a favourite of ours)! We have a feeling this will be a good one.


3. Cheek to Cheek by Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga (March 18)

You might have remembered the two doing a collaboration for The Lady Is a Tramp! This time, they will be doing an entire album together; one that will sure be a hair-raiser.



4. Head or Heart by Christina Perri (April 1)

One may not consider her mainstream, at least not at the calibre of  the Beyonces and Rihannas but once we heard Jar of Hearts, she had us sold! She has a great voice and her music just soothes the soul. She has already released her first single from the album, titled Human! Go have a listen! And she even has Ed Sheeran featured!!!


5. Last but not least – Adele

Now a date nor a name hasnot been confirmed but Ms. Adele did say she was working on her third studio album. According to MTV UK, Adele is currently in London working on the tracks. An inside source stated,

Adele is currently in a recording studio in London and it’s in lock-down mode for the next few weeks. Four tracks are finished in terms of writing and she’s now laying down preliminary vocals with backing music and singers. The rest of the record will be done in LA. The feel is very much Adele going back to her roots, with some modern jazz and a couple of classic old songs.



We are already excited for this!

Now, you may not be a fan of these artistes and that’s completely OK! On the other hand, you could be the President of their fan clubs and that works too! Let us know which ones you can’t wait to hear or maybe you have a few to share that would have been on your list! What are you on the LOOKOUT for?


-Abstract Square

P.S. There might just be a Part II as more announcements are made from other artistes on their upcoming projects.

#AbstractNews – 3 Interior Design Trends to look out for this year! (As told by Yanic Simard)

As promised we are giving you two posts today! This one, however, is somewhat of a reblog that we had to share!

Yanic Simard – Principal Designer at Toronto Interior Design Group, who also bogs with the Huffington Post, yesterday posted about trends to look out for this year in the Interior Design world, after being given the privilege of attending the annual Interior Design Show!

We’ve chosen our favourite 3 from his list! And we’ve added some quotes from his article!

1. Gold & Green Combos

Photo Credit – (Huffington Post)

One of the strongest trends I noticed throughout the show was a combination of gold with green. Warm metals have returned after years of chrome and silver, and cool greens are a classic counterpoint to this regal finish. This was especially well captured in the Cocoon scheme — the boutique is one of my favourite hidden gems.

We absolutely love love love this combination! Makes the room so much brighter without being too much!

2. Elegant Bathroom Fixtures & Appliances

Photo Credit – (Huffington Post)

You know my love of kitchen and bath design, and I found two spectacular new faucets: Axor Starck Organic by Hansgrohe has the appearance of an organic branch or growing plant, while the Luna faucet by Graff (as seen above) uses a very long, elegant form hung from the wall to bring water down to the sink below while creating a statement wall feature.

The creativity is another level when it comes to bathroom fixtures and decor these days. Washing hands just became fun!

3. Antique Meets Modern 

Photo Credit – (Huffington Post)

Their (IKEA) logo was rendered in beautiful gold foil on a soft grey — another key trend colour — and this sense of mixing regal glam with modern sleekness was present throughout. Embracing a love of excess, their kitchen included four dramatic crystal chandeliers (not part of their own collection), while in the living area an antique daybed contrasted with their iconic Swedish styles. Mixing their affordable pieces with your existing treasures is really the key to creating a complete look. Am I discerning a newly emerging trend here of antique meeting Swedish modern design?

We are READY to move into this space!!

It is refreshing to see people getting more and more creative with the design trends these days and we are definitely looking forward to even more great ideas! How nice it would have been to be at that show to see all those amazing designs.

You can check out the full article here! And don’t be afraid to stop by and tell us what you think! Who knows? Maybe you had 3 different faves from the show!


-Abstract Square

#PinTuesdays -Rosemary Mint Shave Cream

Do forgive us for not posting yesterday as we should! To make up for that .. you will get TWO posts today – SPECIAL TREAT!!


Today’s DIY pin is all about the men! Whether you’re a male reading this post right now or a female looking to do something special for the guys in your life, this is an absolute great yet practical DIY idea!

Pinned through source, this DIY tutorial comes to us originally from

Photo Credit -

Photo Credit –

Here’s the recipe! And be sure to check out the original post here for more insightful information.


1/3 cup shea butter (72.67 grams)
1/3 cup virgin coconut oil (72.05 grams)
1/4 cup jojoba or sweet almond oil (54.88 grams)
10 drops rosemary essential oil
3-5 drops peppermint essential oil


In a small saucepan over low heat, combine the shea butter and coconut oil, stirring until just melted. Remove from the heat and transfer to a heat-safe bowl. Add in the jojoba oil and the essential oils. Stir to mix.

Place the bowl in the refrigerator and chill until solid. Remove from the refrigerator and whip using a hand beater or a stand mixer until light and fluffy. Spoon into a jar. Lid and keep in a cool, dry place.

Makes 8 ounces.

Happy Shaving


-Abstract Square