#HOLYHAIR – Hairstyles that will never go out-of-style

With all the eccentric, bold and even weird hairstyles that are coming out this year as the fashion and style industry grows, there are  always certain hairstyles that any woman (and the man) can rely on that WILL NEVER become passé.

Photo Credit – Toby Canham/Getty Images

The BOB – Probably the most popular hairstyle to date (in our opinion) and it never gets stale. We could be wrong but people sure do love this one. There’s so many ways that you can play up the bob, it’s simply amazing such a hairstyle is so versatile.

The LOB – Yes this means a  longer bob (see what they did there) haha

You can’t go wrong with a lob and for many who worry that one day you may not feel like letting your hair down, the lob is just for you, as opposed to the bob which can sometimes be very short. All you need is a hair clip or two and you are rocking another hairstyle.

The PIXIE CUT – Want to feel sexy or just be daring for once? The pixie cut is just right. A pixie cut is indeed a cute hairstyle but be warned – If not done properly, it won’t look right. Also, it takes a lot of care and not for those who are lazy or just can’t find the time.

The BUN – Buns are a girl’s best friend. You can make a messy bun or you make a perfect bun. Either way, a bun can be fitting for any occasion, whether it be a dinner, or a night out with friends or a girl’s day out shopping.

… Men we haven’t forgotten you either. Three hairstyles that are absolutely sexy (to us, at least) are the undercut, the spiky hair and the Faux-Hawk.

The UNDERCUT – Many male (and female) celebs sport this one and we guess you can call it a trend. But to us it will never become primitive. The low sides are absolutely appealing to the eye and we must say – SUPER SEXY!

The SPIKY HAIR – Now, everything doesn’t have to be all neat and fancy and this is where the spiky hair comes in. Sometimes all it takes is some gel and a comb and you’re good to go. For others, it might mean a haircut but nevertheless, this is a look that can fit most, if not all, so give it a try.

AND The FAUX-HAWK – We say faux-hawk and not mohawk because the mohawk can get a little scary sometimes. With a faux-hawk, it looks a little bit more sophisticated and it fits just about every face shape out there.



Photo Credit – fashionandhairstyles.com